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Cabinet Painting State College, PAAre you looking to upgrade your cabinetry with professional cabinet painting services in State College, PA? Waunzy Painting is here to connect you with the best painters in the industry. Get quality service at affordable pricing. Finding competitive cabinet painters in State College, PA can become a hassle, but with Waunzy Painting.. we’ll take all the work out of it. Simple call and then schedule free estimates.

More often than not, when choosing to paint cabinets, they most often be located in your kitchen or bathroom. However it’s not uncommon for painters to paint cabinets in the garage, storage cabinets, hall cabinets, laundry cabinets, etc.. If you’re looking to have cabinets painted in State College, PA by a professional, please call us at 1-855-512-2221 for free estimates.

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Cabinet Painting Cost State College, PA

Bathroom Cabinet Painting State College, PAThe cost to paint cabinets is super important when budgeting for the job. Cabinet painting, while an affordable easy face lift to the kitchen or bathroom, can still make a small dent in the wallet. But when budgeting correctly, and properly prepping for the job… you’ll definitely save more money than doing a cabinet refacing job or entire kitchen or bath upgrade.

Depending upon the amount of cabinetry you have, the condition of your cabinets, and other important factors the cost to paint cabinets in State College, PA can range from $1200 (give or take) and up to $6500. However, on average it will be less than $3500.

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Choosing To Paint Cabinets

Many homeowners have realized that over the last few years, painting cabinets has become very popular. The major bonus about painting cabinets in State College, PA is all of the options to choose from in regards to colors. Besides that, there are also many different types of painting available, so it makes painting cabinets a leader. The other added bonus about painting cabinets is the fact that if you are into bright colors or you want to go with something completely different, then you are able to do that now with plenty of freedom.

The Pro’s To Painting Cabinets State College, PA

  • One of the major pros about painting your cabinets is the fact that you are going to achieve a modern look. This is great for any homeowner that is trying to update their kitchen without breaking their budget. Lighter colors are going to make your kitchen look much more spacious and you will also brighten your kitchen, even if you have darker counter tops. The texture of painted cabinets is also much smoother in appearance and it has a refined appearance.
  • Homeowners that do not like the look of wood grain are going to choose painting as an option. Many State College homeowners are tired of wooden cabinets and would rather switch to painted cabinets, so being able to paint over wooden cabinets is a much more affordable choice.
  • Dust is also something that can be hidden on painted cabinets. Even if you have lighter colors for painted cabinets, dirt and dust will be less noticeable.

The Con’s Of Painting Cabinets State College, PA

  • The price of painting cabinets can be a bit too expensive for homeowners. You have to realize that the labor involved with painting cabinets is more time-consuming. Especially, if your cabinets need a bit of extra work during the sanding and prepping process.
  • State College homeowners also need to realize that over time their painted cabinets could crack. This is something that can make homeowners not want to invest money, because eventually they are going to have to deal with paint cracking.

Kitchen Cabinet Painting State College, PA

Distressed Cabinet Painting State College, PennsylvaniaYour State College kitchen cabinets are a main focal point in your kitchen, take the space and they also are something that you look at on a daily basis. Naturally you are going to want to have kitchen cabinets that are a pleasant color that flatter your kitchen and overall, look nice. If you are thinking it is time to update your kitchen cabinets or you may be tired of looking at the same color, then painting your cabinets may be a great way to update the look of your kitchen.

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State College Cabinet Painters

Cabinet Painters State College, PennsylvaniaGetting the job done right can be a difficult process, but if you choose the right professional cabinet painter in State College, PA your results are going to be amazing.  A professional painter is going to be able to get your cabinets looking in fantastic shape, but your also going to have an entirely new look that will transform your space. If the time has come for a new color of paint on your cabinetry, then you are in great hands with Waunzy Painting. Schedule your free estimate for cabinet painting State College, PA — call 1-855-512-2221.