Interior Painting Services

Re-create your interior spaces with professional painter's who'll help you achieve your desires for your home.

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Exterior Painting Services

Even if your inside is amazing, the outside is always the first glance. Add curb appeal and brighten your home with fresh exterior paint!

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Faux Finishing

Faux finishing is not just a part of painting, but it's artistry. Create something amazing with Waunzy Painting!

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Since 1993

Painters To Paint Your Dream Home

Deciding to paint is usually an instantaneous YES! Almost always. Then for some it's like ... blank. For almost all of us, painting is a quick and easy decision.. but choosing the paint color is what stumps us. And that little fear that creeps in of choosing the wrong color of course.. we've almost all have done it. This is why consulting with a painter is very important!

Painter's can come in and provide you with a color consultation. That is, they will come in and provide you with painting samples. They'll also give you tips on good color schemes and what will look great universally. Regardless, paint colors are YOUR choice and should reflect upon the moods you want to set in each room or for the exterior, the color of your dream home.

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Of course the next steps includes getting FREE estimates for your upcoming PAINTING project! We'll connect you quickly to professional top rated painters ready to bid your job.