house painters

Our Approach

In order to be an approved Waunzy Painter, a painter must meet various qualifications as well as have and maintain a good reputation. In addition, the painter's will be quizzed, with trade questions to verify eligibility. While no system is foolproof, we do our absolute best on connecting homeowners to top rated painters.

Our Story

We've been the homeowner, have worked in the field, and even managed the business. We've got the inside scoop, from all angles. We take pride in our work, of connecting customers to matched painting contractors. Not just any painter, but specialists who will do right by them. A good job at a good price is our goal -- for the homeowner and for the contractor. If you're looking for a great painter, contact us!

We've Got Awesome Painters!

We're your go-to for painting projects on any scale, residential or commercial. Why? Because we've done the homework so you don't have to. We've got the highly qualified painters who've passed background checks, have a minimum of 6 years experience, has established reputations and many more benefits. We know you need a painter who is reliable, professional and affordable. This is why we provide you with up to four painters who can give you free estimates!

Next Steps...

Ready to gather some free estimates? Our painters are highly qualified and ready to provide estimates for your project.